Various Artists ‎- Pebbles Vol. 2 - US BFD-5019

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A1          –The Satans       Makin' Deals     

A2          –The Moving Sidewalks               99th Floor          

A3          –The Sons Of Adam       Feathered Fish

A4          –The Electric Prunes      Vox Wah-Wah Pedal Commercial (Bonus Track)             

A5          –The Road          You Rub Me The Wrong Way    

A6          –The Lyrics         So What!            

A7          –The Buddhas  Lost Innocence

A8          –Zakary Thaks   Bad Girl               

A9          –Randy Alvey & The Green Fuzz              Green Fuz         

B1           –The Squires     Go Ahead          

B2           –The Little Boy Blues     I Can Only Give You Everything

B3           –The Dovers      She's Gone  

B4           –Phil & The Frantics       I Must Run        

B5           –The Dovers      What Am I Going To Do

B6           –The Choir         It's Cold Outside             

B7           –Bobby Fuller   Wine Wine Wine            

B8           –The Litter         I'm A Man

Pebbles Vol. 2


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